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We can tailor the internal and external finishes, as well as making small layout changes to suit your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are planning on building a modular concrete home or fancy a look at the process, we can answer all of your questions below. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please give us a ring or fill in an enquiry form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here! Buildwright is an excellent place to start to all the choices you may consider for your new home. If you complete our on-line enquiry form we will be better informed on your requirements and up to speed when we call you to discuss. Otherwise, just phone our office and speak with our Buildwright team.

Speed of construction along with cost and time certainty! We can build and deliver your A rated home in under 5 months while you enjoy a stress free journey knowing that your costs have been agree and fixed. 

Unlike traditional on-site builds where long periods of breaks can occur – either due to poor weather conditions or access to suitable trade, Buildwright are less affected by these factors. We build in a controlled factory environment and your home is constantly ‘moving’ through the build processes and must leave our factory as scheduled in the build program.

Yes. You will need an architect or engineer to either draft your plans from scratch or modify and finalise our pre-deigns. They will also complete the planning documentation and submit to the Council.

The same planning conditions will apply to a BuildWright home as with any other form of construction. Our homes can comply with all building regulations. It is important in the early stages of design that you establish what visual parameters your local council may be looking for, and this will ensure your finalised design will have the best chance of meeting their criteria.

For some smaller buildings and extensions, there may be planning exemptions but once again we recommend that all clients consult with their local councils or suitably qualified professional to find out what specific planning requirements may be required.

No. Buildwright do not deal with the planning application – this is the responsibility of your appointed Architect or Engineer.

Should you choose to progress and purchase the plans of one of our pre-design options, BuildWright will issue a planning pack containing detailed plans and elevations to include in your submission. Thereafter, and upon placement of a valid order to build your home, we will refund this planning pack fee against the cost of your new home.

Although there are dimensional parameters that are important to consider when developing plans for a BuildWright home, it really is possible to deliver so many different styles and types of home; spacious or compact, modern or traditional. Check out some of our recent projects and pre-designs to get a feel for what can be achieved.

In general, we normally manufacture individual modules with maximum external dimensions of 4.3m x 10.6m providing suitable access. Given a typical external wall thickness of 300mm, this normal equates to internal dimensions of 3.7m x 10.0m.

Modules in most cases are split with partition walls into multiple rooms. To keep build costs most efficient, it is better when rooms of your home remain within one module. However, for certain key areas you may wish to share a room across more than one module to create a more open space.

These parameters are really just a high-level and initial guide. More detailed information can be provided through a design consultation with a member of the BuildWright team.

We recommend an external wall thickness of 295mm which delivers an impressive U-value of 0.18 W/m2K. This can be increased or decreased depending on client requirements.

Internal partition walls are typically 100mm in width. Where two BuildWright modules meet, each perimeter wall is 195mm in width.

Typically, for a 3 bed, 3 module, 1275ft² Buildwright home we can complete – fully ready to occupy, within 5 months from starting manufacture. Prior to starting manufacture, all decisions regarding your home from final design, material choices and receipt of same, could range anywhere from 4 weeks to 10 weeks.

Buildwright do not issue floor plans at initial enquiry stage. Once you have established that a Buildwright home will meet your expectations both in terms of house size and your budget, we will go through all the designs including floor plans that match your size and budget. This is normally done in a meeting or via a video conference call.

Yes. Mortgage providers, their offers and indeed availability of same will vary from customer to customer – just like any traditional ‘self-build’ process. BuildWright’s rapid rate of construction and the necessary, associated payment terms should be discussed with your local provider. If you want to discuss this aspect further, our Sales Team will be happy to advise and answer any questions.

Yes. None of our previous customers have had any issue securing home insurance on one of our buildings. These are proper, concrete-built homes after all!

Unless you are happy to consider possible changes to your plans, it is unlikely that the Buildwright system will be a suitable match for your design. For best optimisation of both your internal layout and build costs, it is most beneficial if we are involved at the early stages of design where our parameters can be easily incorporated. However, we can assess your plans and see what changes might be required.

No. Buildwright pride ourselves on a turnkey finished home and delivering the ultimate, off-site construction system.

Just like any traditional built house, foundations are required and must be designed by your engineer who will consider criteria such as your specific site conditions and the weight of our buildings.

Apart from a few subtle differences to maximise the thermal performance of your building, provisions are usually comparable to other traditional, concrete-built homes in your area; often reinforced concrete strip or raft foundations.

No. Just like any traditional build you will need to get a local ground works contractor to prepare your site.

They will excavate and prepare your site, construct your foundations as well as providing key services to your building such as electric, water and sewerage.

However, we will work closely with your Groundworks Contractor to ensure that the work carried out allows for a smooth installation of your home.

This will rest with your appointed architect/engineer. After detailed design, we will provide your engineer with a detailed load breakdown for the structure along with service arrangement drawings to assist your Engineer and/or Architect in the design of your groundworks package.

Yes. Buildwright have a show house close to our factory in County Monaghan. This is a bespoke 2 storey building which highlights the size of our modules, the quality of our finishing and the difference between standard and non-standard choices. Visits are by appointment only and are scheduled for specific days during the year.

Yes. Our team will be on hand to meet with you in our factory at the various stages and you can see your new home taking shape.

To secure an order, an upfront payment equal to 25% of the project value is required. Depending on the size and number of modules of your new home, a number of payment instalments will be scheduled prior to delivery with a final instalment of 5% at completion.

Yes. Provided suitable access for delivery and clearance for cranage is available. In the first instance, please send us your Eircode/Postcode so we can make a desktop assessment on suitability for access and installation.

Yes. Provided suitable access for delivery and clearance for cranage is available. In the first instance, please send us your Eircode/Postcode so we can make a desktop assessment on suitability for access and installation.

Yes. We understand that every project and every customer is unique. You will have lots of options when it comes to styling your home both inside and out.

We carry a range of standard finishes to choose from but it’s also possible to select something outside these ranges. Best value and turnaround will be achieved when choosing from our ‘Preferred Suppliers’.

Should our own supply chain not be able to provide what you are after, material can be sourced elsewhere. In some cases, a small handling charge may be applied to cover the associated costs.

All BuildWright, homes come with bespoke kitchens and bathrooms. We allocate and agree an appropriate PC Sum after considering individual requirements. After order confirmation, you will have the opportunity to refine style and specification discussing it directly with our carefully chosen, quality providers.

To keep price variations to a minimum, a line by line review of the specification will be carried out prior to finalising the specification and contract sum.

Please bring any areas of specific concern to the attention of our Sales Team who can advise you accordingly and rest assured that it is our aim, to deliver you with the home you have dreamt of!

Like all concrete buildings, we expect our homes to last much longer than other building types. Our homes are made using structural concrete modules which are built in a controlled, factory environment and then assembled on your site. The rigorous process in design of the BuildWright product is shown to be in every way equal to, or exceeding the performance of traditional build methods. As a concrete structure it enjoys the durability of a well-known and appreciated material as far as owners and investors are concerned.

Although our modules are pre-fabricated in our factory they are not to be confused with other lightweight, temporary, and low energy rating modular structures.

All Buildwright homes are specified to achieve an A2 BER rating as standard. This can be improved or reduced depending on your requirements.

Thanks to the excellent standard of quality control that can be achieved in a factory environment, our homes score excellent airtightness results. We can commit to achieving the nZEB airtightness threshold of 3.0m3/m2/hr but typically see results between 1.0 and 1.5m3/m2/hr.

Access roads and lanes must be at least 5.5m wide for a full width unit. Roads need to be clear from low hanging obstructions. Adequate turning for an articulated truck with a 14m trailer is required. Suitable hardstanding will be required around your site to avoid large crane expenses.

However, in the first instance, if you provide us with your Eircode/Postcode or site location co-ordinates, we can carry out a desktop assessment for suitability of both your access roads and site entrance.

Yes, we currently cater for the Irish and Northern Irish markets and can look at projects further afield on a case by case basis.

Yes. It’s possible to extend your home again with additional BuildWright concrete modules. Specific consideration should be given to future access for delivery and installation of these units.

If a future extension is probable, it could be worth highlighting this in the design phase to make this process as seamless and cost effective as possible.

Buildwright carry all the necessary insurances as designers and product suppliers. We issue an Ancillary Certificate to our customers at handover covering our contract of works. Any supporting certificates and warranties relating to your home will also be handed over.

Very well. Our manufacturing processes lend themselves well to thermally efficient homes. The thermal performance of your home can be adjusted to meet any regulatory or individual requirement up to and including passive standard.

No. Buildwright is a volumetric concrete modular system and modules will arrive fully built with walls, floor and ceilings as one unit. This means the vast portion of construction work right up to the paintwork is already taken care of in our controlled factory environment.

In some cases, 2D elements may be used to create ‘infill’ space between our modules.

  • Architect/Engineer fees – may include:
    • House design and plans
    • Site survey / percolation tests
    • Foundation design
    • Payment sign offs
    • Planning application submission
  • Planning application and development contribution fees
  • All associated ground works (site prep/foundations/scaffolding/drainage/services)
  • Water, Electric, Telecom connect fees
  • Purchase and installation of septic tank system
  • Professional Fees

Loose furnishings

Yes. Buildwright will have this element covered

Yes. All designs are flexible however, in keeping with our parameters, pricing may change based on amendments both in design and manufacture

Yes, we have an excellent team of professionals and technicians who can work with project architects to develop bespoke designs using both modular.

Most heating systems can be incorporated to BuildWright home. Our base specifications typically include for an Air-to-water heat pump which has proven the popular choice for new-builds in recent years.

Yes. However, Buildwright homes offer excellent air-tightness results and you will significantly reduce your BER if you include an open fire.

Any additional build-up resulting from a fireplace or stove will also increase the price of your home accordingly. One popular alternative for our customers who wish to incorporate a chimney for external aesthetics is the addition of a ‘false’ composite chimney.

Yes. Toilets and showers will be fitted along with all sanitary ware. Floor tiles are included for as standard and wall tiles can be provided for at additional cost.

Unlike most other modular systems, a BuildWright home can be delivered with almost every internal finish installed; floor tiles, lights, kitchen, appliances and paint.

Should you wish to carry out certain elements of the finish yourself, we can discuss this and consider what might what be possible and therefore account for this in our pricing.

Our base specifications include for a smooth, plastered finish (silicone based render system). We can deliver many other external finishes but costs will vary so it’s best to bring your specific queries to our sales team.

Some finishes seen on past projects include;

  • Thin Stone Cladding
  • Brick (slip format or external leaf)
  • Timber Cladding
  • Cement Board Cladding
  • Metal cladding
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