Ashford House

A contemporary-style bungalow

Fully Fitted and Ready to Furnish:

FROM €325,000 INC. VAT

A tailored approach

We can tailor the internal and external finishes, as well as making small layout changes to suit your needs.
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Ashford House

A contemporary-style bungalow

A contemporary-style bungalow with space for both family time and solitude alike. Featuring flexible and multi-functional rooms with private nooks result in a practical home but with lots of character and charm.

Key Features:

Entrance Lobby (15.4m²)

Centrally located, this wide entry hall sets the tone for a generously spaced home. There is ample room to install a bespoke cloak closet to provide storage where needed.

Kitchen/ Dining /Living (50.3m³)

This abundantly spacious, open-plan arrangement both connects and divides the Kitchen from the relaxation of the Living room. Formed in a U shape, one side houses the kitchen while the other hosts the living area. The dining area joins these two spaces and with extensive glazing and patio access, sweeping views from outside make it easy to connect with the surroundings.

Utility Room (3.8m²)

Located just of the kitchen for convenience, with an external entrance and the possibility of including small WC. The range of choices are substantial and are tailored to meet individual needs.

Den/Home Office (7.9m²)

Located centrally at the front of the house. This cosy space could be used as either an adult only space for respite from family life or as home office.

Playroom (12.0m²)

Centrally positioned at the front of the house this playroom has been designed to expand through glazed doors into the entry lobby or contract as required.

Family Bathroom (6.8m²)

Luxurious family bathroom is located in the left wing of the house. Its size offers the clients variety of different layout options and like all Buildwright designs is customised by the client.

Bedroom 1 (15.5m²)

Spacious Bedroom located in the right wing of the house, with a shared en-suite and ample space to provide built in robes

Bedroom 2 (14.5m²)

Positioned to the right wing of the house and again with shared en-suit access and plenty of space for build-in wardrobes.

Bedroom 3 (11.4m²)

Substantial sized double bedroom situated in the left wing of the house with direct access to the family bathroom

Bedroom 4(8.0m²)

Ideally proportioned as a child’s bedroom, this snug single bedroom offers ample space for built in storage with plenty of space left over to play.
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